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Volunteer your skills and time or spread the word with your family, friends, colleagues.
Or pressure your organization or employer to organize a volunteering scheme

To find a tailor-made volunteer possibility, you have several choices:

·         you search online for an organization you wish to work for and contact it directly 

·         you enter an online charities portal and use their search engine, specifying when, where and for how long you are available. You will be provided with a selection of organizations which could make use of you.


For a very extensive list of available volunteering opportunities, check the useful del.icio.us listings

Here are some useful portals:

Eldis.org development Jobs

www.networkforgood.org/volunteer portal in which you use a search tool to find volunteer opportunities at a large number of charities that match your interests and geographic location, or search for an organization by name.

www.netaid.org  the largest database of online volunteering opportunities and a collection of commented links to non-profit organisations covering all geographical areas and all areas of activity

www.charityvillage.com  is a Canadian super-site with extensive job and volunteer opportunities, information on non-profit organisations, news, resources, how-to articles, event listings, educational opportunities, background and legal information for non-profit organisations. 

www.oneworld.org  One world is among the first highly professional  and very large non-profit portal with 10 national/ regional websites in 7 languages, containing many many links to organisations which offer volunteer and donating possibilities. Information is frequently updated, there are campaigns to support and specialised 'channels' for several topics as learning, AIDS, etc.

www.unvolunteers.org/volunteers/index.htm is the UN site for volunteering within its organisations, field projects etc.www.unvolunteers.org/volunteers/options/abroad/otherops.htm contains global links to organisations which organise volunteer opportunities outside the UN.





www.interaction.org/ InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations.

www.globalcharityjobs.com lists a number of opportunities for both work and volunteering

www.charitablechoices.org/ has been helping charities jointly promote themselves in workplace fund-raising campaigns, especially the federal government's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and lists a number of organizations, classified by type

If you are a “techie”, i.e. if you know a lot about IT, check out www.geekcorps.org  

And of course you can check out the websites of the main charities, for example:

Oxfam www.oxfam.org/en/getinvolved/volunteer/index.htm (volunteering) or www.oxfam.org/en/getinvolved/jobs/index.htm (jobs)

www.hopeworldwide.org is present in numerous countries  around the globe, supporting children, women, leprosy patients, educational programmes, senior citizens, aids hospices, etc. www.india.hopeworldwide.org  set up health programmes for children, but then also developed into educational activities for kids, then offering professional training, then supporting and educating mothers and now also taking care of elderly people who have no families to support them. Hope India also built hospices for HIV/aids patients and an entire village for leprosy patients and their families. We have visited a school  run by Hope India in Bangalore and several of our pictures on this site show those kids.


 And last but not least use Google or Yahoo (philanthropy or charity) to find more!























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