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There are plenty of information sources on the web; the difficulty is to find those which contain balanced or, if ever possible, unbiased information. There are scores of good books too. A first point of entry is our News section - for daily updated news on social issues - poverty, children, disaster relief, health, human rights, environment, aid & trade.

See the "related links" beside for our hand-picked favorites.

Eldis Gateway to Development Information The aim of their very comprehensive resource guides is to bring together information from their databases and to present it for quick access - from Aid to health to human rights to environment. Each of the guides is oversee by an editor or editorial team.

For a larger set of links to useful websites, visit del.icio.us on poverty, disaster relief, environment, human rights

In terms of books, the following is a preliminary list

The Post Development Reader - a compilation of intelligently argued essays on development from vernacular to vehicles to paradigms to practices to what next - Majid Rahnema is the editor (ISBN 1 85649 473 X)


The Development Dictionary - edited by Wolfgang Sachs (anything he writes is brilliant in my humble opinion) - it is not so much a traditional dictionary as a guide to commonly used terms of development - like the book above, comes from an alternative perspective, a perspective which questions the so-called success of development and the 'brainwashing' that has gone on around the world to justify the rapid development of the development industry (ISBN #1 85649 043 2)


War and Hunger - Rethinking International Responses to Complex Emergencies - Edited by Johanna McRae and Anthony Zwi, with Mark Duffield and Hogo Slim (all of these are names that will rapidly become familiar if you choose to pursue this area) - I suggest this book as it talks about the realities that many of the communities we work with face prior to our working with them - and it does a good job of unveiling the traps international NGOs fall in to in trying to address situations that are beyond institutional understanding from a traditional Western perspective (ISBN# 1 85649 291 5)


Famine Crimes - Politics and the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa by Alex de Waal - another leading thinker - again, a hard look at the benefits of well meaning international NGO's and the realities of global politics when famine hits - while it is easy to feel good about the work we do on the ground, I recommend this title as a cautionary tale of how good intentions can worsen a situation that need not occur - suggested to offer an informed perspective of the larger impact of "development" support (ISBN# 0 253 21158 1)


The Graves Are Not Yet Full - Race, Tribe and Power in the Heart of Africa by Bill Berkeley - Bill is a journalist that takes a look at current situations in Africa and challenges that conflicts are based in tribal hatreds, is more about tyranny supported by the West - he looks at specific 'leaders' and country situations and gives an interesting perspective on what the media reports versus what is real (in his opinion) (ISBN#0 465 00642 6)

Shaking hands with the devil - on Rwanda's genocide, told by Gen. Romeo Dallaire, which also inspired the worthwhile film "Hotel Rwanda"

The End of Poverty, by Jeffrey Sachs

World on Fire, by Amy Chua

Globalization and its Discontents, by Joseph Stiglitz

Development as Freedom, by Amartya Sen

There are also many country-specific books. See our picture section, especially regarding India.

Please contact us with more information sources to add here.


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